e-Manual - for wmn&ART Portal

In this e-Manual, you will find easy steps for efficient navigation in the portal and e-Learning system.
1. Introduction to wmn&ART’s e-Learning Environment
2. Access to wmn&ART’s e-Learning Portal
2.1. Learners’ Menu Navigation
3. How to Register
4. Learners’ Area – More Resources After Login
5. e-LEARNING – Access to Mentors’ and Mentees’ e-Learning Modules
5.1. Art Mentors’ e-Learning e-Course
5.2. Mentees’ (CHMEs’) e-Learning e-Course
5.3. e-Course – Access to Modules Brief Info
5.3.1. e-Learning Content Access in eBook Format
5.3.2. e-Learning Content Access in PDF Format
5.3.3. Perception Quiz
5.4. Ceramics Courses Videos
5.5. General Comments
6. wmn&ART Certificate
7. Help System
8. Assessment
9. Mobile Devices & wmn&ART App

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